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Literacy and Arts in Action

In 2012, Changing Worlds formed a partnership with America SCORES Chicago (SCORES) to launch an expanded model of the Arts and Cultural Connections (ACC) After-School Program

The expanded model called Literacy and Arts in Action (LAA) reaches approximately 500 middle school students (grades 5 - 8) and incorporates sports, the arts, writing, culture, career exploration and parent programming, 

Over the course of a year, students will complete a career interest survey, review high school entrance requirements to set their personal goals for the year, meet with working artists to learn about their careers and attend several annual "Passport to High School Success" events to expand their understanding of the importance of making high school choices that are well informed and researched. Goal setting workshops will engage youth in forward planning tasks such as profiling prospective high schools and creating an individualized resume/portfolio. 

Mentoring adults help to support the personal development of the students who are active in the after school programs.Collaborating nonprofit organizations such as Dream Chicago and America SCORES Chicago also help Changing Worlds create unique field experiences and special events for the participating students. 

The following video features interviews and footage taken at our High School Readiness Fair. We thank Angela Papaleo and David Weathersby for donating photography and videography services respectively. 

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